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Men's Bible Study: The Beatitudes is a call to live as a disciple

Episode Summary

#Mensbiblestudy #Jesus #JesusChrist #Bible #Biblestudy #bibleverseoftheday #thosewhowantarelationshipwithGod #biblestudycompany This episode is from last night. It was powerful to help us understand that we as men must live before our families helping to lead them in all we do to honor the Lord. When He walked up the mountain of beatitudes, He was the same God on Mt Sinai, with that mountain trembling and quaking. He revealed sin in the people's hearts, and they asked God not to speak to them. Are we doing the same? Do we attend church to check off a box each week, or are my interests in hunting fish, playing, or leading those I work with and those in my home to eternal or noneternal things? God wants a relationship with you; in His word, it is His will. Jump on His word, men!