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Any Doubters in the Crowd?

Episode Summary

Experience doubt? "When in doubt..." they say. Let's ask God questions. God is our Creator, and we cannot see into a spiritual realm, but we can *hear*, *see*, and *experience* a relationship with Christ; doubts come with the territory. Even the disciples doubted in more instances than we typically realize.

Episode Notes

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Our special guest is Kedar Joyner, our daughter, artist, techie, Trekkie, and User Experience Designer for the University of Wisconsin. Together we discuss growing up in a Christian home but finding her way through doubt and developing our assurance of faith in Christ through understanding sound biblical study principles.  

Is doubt accepted in the church or "frowned-upon"? Who can you go to with your doubt questions? Did you know doubt is connected to anxiety? Did you know that at the heart of doubt are questions? For those with doubt, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to walk with you!   Please comment and share. Don't forget to subscribe.  

Here is a link to Kedar's art:


Kedar's UW talk on Anxiety and tech  

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